Lutheran Historical Conference


Writings in the Field of American Lutheranism: 1991

Compiled by Dr. James Albers, Mr. John N. Dickmeyer and Rev. Robert E. Smith

Articles in Periodicals

Albrecht, G. Jerome. "Northwestern Publishing House Centennial: Day After Day for 100 Years." Northwestern Lutheran 78 (1991) No. 15:290-91.

Czaplewski, Dan. "Caroling in May: A Tribute to Dan Pokorny." Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly 64 (1991) No. 1:5-6. [Report of the graduation tribute by Concordia Seminary students, who sang For All the Saints to Prof. Pokorny days before he died.]

Bachmann, E. Theodore. "Confessional Kin Worldwide." Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly 64 (1991) No. 1:7-17. [Bachmann's remembrances of his research for his book, Lutheran Churches in the World, are the text of his address at the Concordia Historical Institute Awards Banquet, November 8th, 1990.]

Baglyos, Paul A. "Lutheran Stories and the American Context: Three Histories of American Lutheranism From the Late Nineteenth Century." Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly 64 (1991) No. 4:154-175.

Billington, Monroe and Cal Clark. "Nebraska Clergymen, Franklin D. Roosevelt, And The New Deal." Nebraska History 72 (1991) No. 2:78-88. [The response of Nebraska clergy, including Lutherans, to a letter from Roosevelt, requesting their opinion of the New Deal.]

Ernstmeyer, M. S. "They Shall Not March Alone." Lutheran Witness 110 (1991) No.5:4-5. [A history of military chaplaincy in the LCMS.]

Hale, J. Russell. "A Worldly Commitment--Key Element in an Enduring Saga." Lutheran Theological Seminary Bulletin (Gettysburg) 71 (1991) No. 4: 16-26. [History of the Gettysburg Seminary's commitment to preparing candidates for ministry in a changing world.]

Hande, D'Arcy, and Erich Schultz. "Struggling to Establish a National Identity: The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and its Archives." Archivaria (Canada) 30 (1990): 64-70.

Hansen, Thorvald. "A Bilingual Editor." The Bridge, 12 (1989): 2:25-29. [Johannes Knudsen, Grand View College president.]

____. "Johannes Knudsen as an Educator: A Conversation with Harry Jensen." The Bridge, 12 (1989): 12: 17-24.

____. "'Old' Nielsen." The Bridge, 14 (1991) 1: 69-82. [Danish-American pioneer Pastor A. S. Nielsen (1832-1909).

Fischer, Robert H. "Yes, But is it Really Lutheran?" Lutheran Theological Seminary Bulletin (Gettysburg) 71 (1991) No. 4: 26-36. [Has the Gettysburg Seminary been Lutheran?]

Folkemer, Lawrence D. "Interpretations of the [Gettysburg] Seminary's Distinctive Posture." Lutheran Theological Seminary Bulletin (Gettysburg) 71 (1991) No. 4:4-16.

Fredrich, Edward C. "Professor Carl J. Lawrenz." Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly 87 (1990) No. 1:9-12.

Friedrich, Julius; R. Stallmann, Tr. "A Remarkable Letter." [To Eva Freche, June 7th, 1913]. Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly 64 (1991) No. 3:121-126.

Grindal, Gracia. "The Swedish Tradition in Hymnals and Songbooks." Lutheran Quarterly 5 (1991) No. 4:435-468.

Hartzell, Eric. "Mission Zeal of the Infant Wisconsin Synod, 1850-1893." WELS Historical Institute Journal 9 (1991) Nos. 1-2:23-32.

Hensel, Paul; Floyd Brand, tr. "Why I am a Protestant." Faith-Life 64 (1991) [Pt. 7] No. 1:4-11; [Pt. 8] No. 3:9-14; [Pt. 9] No. 4:16-21.

Hope, J. C., William Richard Fritz, ed. "Mission to Georgia and Alabama, 1834." Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly 64 (1991) No. 1:39-44. [Report of J. C. Hope to South Carolina Synod]

Hughes, Robert G. "Theological Education in Muhlenberg's Tradition." Lutheran Forum 25 (1991): 40-44. [Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelhia].

Johnson, Paul I. "Anthropology From the Perspective of Johann Michael Reu." Lutheran Synod Quarterly 31 (1991) No. 3:8-51.

Kessel, Ruth Guenther. "Christian Apache Warriors." WELS Historical Institute Journal 9 (1991) Nos. 1-2: 8-12. [Recollections of her father, Rev. E. E. Guenther, with members of his Apache Lutheran congregation, serving in the armed forces during World War II.]

Knudsen, Aage V. "Johannes Knudsen: The Cultural Context of His Youth." The Bridge 12 (1989) 2:9-16. [President of Grand View College.]

Koehler, John Philipp, Floyd Brand. "Wauwatosa Theology: The Christmas Eve Service in the Church." Faith-Life 64 (1991) No. 5:1, 4-9.

____. "Wauwatosa Theology: The Great Childlike Quality in the Christmas Hymn of the Early Church." Faith-Life 64 (1991) No. 6:5-10.

____; Paul Hensel, tr. "The Cross of Christ, A Sign Which Shall Be Spoken Against." Faith-Life 64 (1991) No. 2:1-11.

____. "Double-Dealing Theologians." Faith-Life 64 (1991) No. 1:11, 14-15.

Kottmeyer, William A. "NUNC Dimittis." Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly 64 (1991) No. 2:68-82. [Author's experiences as a student of music at Concordia Teachers College in River Forest Illinois during the 1920s.]

Kurtz, Michael J. "The first Lutheran Historical Society [1843-1952]." Lutheran Quarterly 5 (1991) No. 1:77-92.

____. "John G. Morris: The Scientist Informed by Faith." Lutheran Theological Seminary Bulletin (Gettysburg) 71 (1991) No. 4:51-60. [Excerpted from a forthcoming biographical monograph scheduled for publication by Edwin Mellon Press in Spring 1992.]

Lobitz, Mark C. "Frontier Needs for Canadian Lutheran Colleges (The Founding of Concordia College, Edmonton)." For the Record: A Publication of the Canadian Lutheran Historical Conference, 14:1 (Nov. 1991), 3-21.

Mahsman, David L. "Celebrate the Jubilee! Glorify His Name!" Lutheran Witness 110 (1991) No. 8:1-3. [A historical sketch of the Lutheran Women's Missionary League at its 50th Anniversary.]

Mehl, Lambert J. "A Biographical History." Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly 64 (1991) No. 1:18-33; No. 2:83-98; No. 3:127-144. [Memoirs of Dr. Mehl. Second to fourth parts. The first part appeared in Winter of 1990.]

Moldehnke, Eduard; Arnold O. Lehmann, tr. "Eduard Moldehnke's Reisebericht.' WELS Historical Institute Journal 9 (1991) Nos. 1-2:33-37. [First report of this Reiseprediger, covering Sept.-Dec. 1861.]

Noll, Mark A. "Ethnic, American, or Lutheran? Dilemmas for a Historic Confession in the New World." Lutheran Theological Seminary Bulletin (Gettysburg) 71 (1991) No. 3:17-43. [Includes Q & A]

Olson, Evert M. "Theology and Architecture of Martin Hedmark." Journal of the New England Lutheran Historical Society 9 (1991): 1-21.

Overgaard, Robert, Jarle Olson, et al. "Memories of Hannah Sunwall." Faith and Fellowship 58 (1991) No. 2:4, 11.

Pieper, August; Werner H. Franzmann, tr. "The Significance of Dr. Adolf Hoenecke For the Wisconsin Synod and American Lutheranism." Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly [Pt. 1] 87 (1990) No. 3:168-180; [Pt. 2] No. 4:249-267; [Pt. 3] 88 (1991) No. 1:15-33; [Pt. 4] No. 2:124-145.

____; Richard W. Strobel, tr. "The Difference Between the Reformed and the Lutheran Interpretation of the So-Called Third Use of the Law." Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly 87 (1990) No. 2: 108-122.

Pikkola, Risto. "Delaware's Swedish and Finnish Immigrants in a New Ecological and Cultural Environment According to Israel Acrelius and Pehr Kalm." Turun Historiallinen Arkisto (Finland) 46 (1990): 13-31.

Preus, J. A. O., III. "On the Making of History." Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly 64 (1991) No. 3:105-108. [Author relates his experience as a chaplain during the Gulf War.]

Reumann, John H. P. "A Quarter-century of Lutheran--Roman Catholic Dialogue in the United States." One in Christ 27 (1991) No. 2:185-191.

Schmelder, William J. "In Memoriam: Otto F. Dingeldein." Concordia Journal 17 (1991) No. 3:243-244. [Artist and Silversmith]

Schmidt, Wayne E. "The Religious Dimension in the Meyer v. Nebraska School Case." Concordia Journal 17 (1991) No. 3:307-322. [The background and history of an LCMS challenge to a Nebraska state law requiring instruc- tion in the English language in all schools, including parochial.]

Setterdahl, Lilly. "The End of Eric Janssonism: Religious Life in Bishop Hill in the Post-colony Period." Western Illinois Regional Studies, 11 (1988) 1:39-54.

Smith, Michael K. "Flourishing Millennialism During the Late Nineteenth Century: Issues and Events Which Will Apply to the Present Decade." Lutheran Synod Quarterly 31 (1991) No. 2:7-42. [A Historical survey of Seventh Day Adventist and Russellite views of the end times and the Lutheran reaction to their doctrines is contained in this work.]

Smith, Robert E. "A Heart for the American Frontier: Moved by the Spiritual Plight of American Pioneers, F. C. D. Wyneken Returned to his Native Germany 150 Years Ago to Plead for Help." Lutheran Witness 110 (1991) No. 10:10-11. [Biographical sketch of F. C. D. Wyneken.]

Smith, Thomas J. "The Little Brown Church in the Vale." WELS Historical Institute Journal 9 (1991) Nos. 1-2:13-22. [History of Emanuel Lutheran Church, Brownsville, MN, 1940s-1963.]

Strom, Everald H. "A Tribute to D. A. Erickson." Faith and Fellowship 58 (1991) No. 1:4. [Obituary.]

South Carolina Synod. "Mission to Georgia and Alabama, 1834." Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly 64 (1991) No. 1:39-44. [From the Minutes of the South Carolina Synod.]

Suelflow, August R., and Le Roy E. Vogel. "In Memoriam: Dr. George J. Beto, 1916-1991." Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly 64 (1991) No. 4:146-147. [President of Concordia Theological Seminary, Springfield, IL, 1959-1962]

Vogel, Le Roy. From the Editor. Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly 64 (1991) No. 1:2-3. [Obituary of Daniel Pokorny, 1937-1990, Professor of Practical Theology, from a friend's perspective.]

____. "From the Editor: A Tribute to . . ." Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly 64 (1991) No. 2:50-52. [Contains miscellaneous information about Friedrich Johann Carl Lochner, the subject of an article in this issue of the Quarterly.]

Weinmann, John; Arnold O. Lehmann, tr. "Organization of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Wisconsin." WELS Historical Institute Journal 9 (1991) Nos. 1-2:3. [Minutes of meeting December 8th, 1849.]

____. "Synodical Convention of the Evang. Luth. Church of Wisconsin." WELS Historical Institute Journal 9 (1991) Nos. 1-2:4-5. [Minutes of meeting May 26th-May 28th, 1850.]

____. "Synodical Convention of the Evang. Luth. Church of Wisconsin." WELS Historical Institute Journal 9 (1991) Nos. 1-2:6-7. [Minutes of meeting June 15th, 1851.]

Wentz, Frederick K. "Birthright Americans: Abdel Ross Wentz As Interpreter of Lutheran History." Lutheran Theological Seminary Bulletin (Gettysburg) 71 (1991) No. 4: 36-50.

Westerhaus, Martin O. "The Confessional Lutheran Emigrations From Prussia and Saxony Around 1839." Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly, [Pt. 2] 87 (1990) No. 1:38-60; [Pt. 3] No. 2:123-36.; [Pt. 4] No. 3:192-208; [Pt. 5] No. 4:283-93; [Pt. 6] 88 (1991) No. 1:34-63.

Wheeler, Wayne. "Eric Janssonism: Community and Freedom in Nineteenth-century Sweden and America." Western Illinois Regional Studies 12 (1989) No. 2: 7-15. [Lutheran Utopian Community.]

Williams, Kim-Eric. "Editor's Notes." Journal of the New England Lutheran Historical Society 9 (1991): i-ii. [A brief biographical sketch of Martin Hedmark.]

Williamson, Erik Luther. "Doing What Had to be Done: Norwegian Lutheran Ladies Aid Societies of North Dakota." North Dakota History 57 (1990) No. 2: 2-13.

Wolff, Rick. "Davey and Goliath: The Response of a Church-Produced Children's Television Program to Emerging Social Issues." Journal of Popular Film and Television 18 (1990) No. 3:112-121.

Zersen, Katherina Maria Sophia Kirchhoff. "A Pioneer Pastor's Wife 1903-- 1907." Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly 64 (1991) No. 2:53-67. [Edited transcript of an oral history tape of author recorded in 1960s. Contains account of her experiences as a young wife of a pastor in North Dakota during the 1st decade of the 20th Century.]

Articles and Chapters in Books

Grindal, Gracia. "The Americanization of the Norwegian Pastors' Wives." Norwegian-American Studies 32 (1989): 199-208.

Hope, Nicholas. "Johann Gottfried Herder: the Lutheran clergyman." In Protestant Evangelicalism, ed. by K. Robbins, pp. 109-34. 1990.

Hustvedt, Lloyd. "Images of the Minister in Norwegian-American Literature," Essays on Norwegian-American Literature and History, II: 201-11.

Mauk, David C. "Saving Seamen in Babylon: The First Norwegian Institutions in Brooklyn." Norse Heritage Volume, II, 110-28.

Seyerstad, Per. "Camrose, Alberta, and its Norwegian Camrose Lutheran College." Norge-Amerika Foreningen: The Norway-american Association Yearbook, 1988: 7-10.

Books and Monographs

Andros, Edmund. The Andros Papers. 3 vols. Edited by Peter R. Christoph.New York: Syracuse University Press, 1989-91.

Brauer, Rose Marie Leininger Oetting, with Lyanda Cramer. My North Dakota Prairie Childhood. St. Louis: Desktop Publishing Group, 1990.

Camann, Eugene W. Uprooted from Prussia--Transplanted in America. Niagara Falls, NY, 1991. (An account of the 1843 migration of 800 Prussian Lutherans to Wheatfield, NY. Order from author: 6697 Luther St. Niagara Falls, New York, 14304. $12.00)

Dahlgren, Stellan and Hans Norman. The Rise and Fall of New Sweden: Governor Johan Risingh's Journal, 1654-1655 In Its Historical Context. Stockholm, 1988. 303 pages.

Graetz, Robert S. Montgomery: A White Preacher's Memoir. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1991. 132 pages. [Memories of the Civil Rights movement in Alabama by a Lutheran pastor.]

Johnson, Jeff G. Black Christians: The Untold Lutheran Story. St. Louis:Concordia Publishing House, 1991.

Lagerquist, DeAne L. In America the Men Milk the Cows: Factors of Gender, Ethnicity and Religion in the Americanization of Norwegian American Women. Brooklyn, NY: Carlson Publishing, Inc, 1991. 255 pp.

Leske, Elmore. Concordia: 100 Years, Murtoa-Adelaide.

Norris, Jeff L., Ellis G. Boatman, and Mary Jo Bratton. Fair Star: A Centennial History of Lenoir-Rhyne College. Virginia Beach, NC: Donning, 1990. 192 pages. [A school with a Lutheran background.]

Solberg, Richard W. Miracle in Ethiopia. New York, Friendship Press, 1991. 208 pages.

Taege, Marlys. Women in God's Service: The 50th Anniversary History of the Lutheran Women's Missionary League. St. Louis: Lutheran Women's Missionary League, 1991.

Wargelin, Raymond W. The Life of Jacob J. Hoikka and His Share in Democratizing the Suomi Synod. Published privately, 1990. (Available from author at 516 Villa Verde Dr. SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124.)

Weiblen, William H. Life Together at Wartburg Seminary. Dubuque, IA: Wartburg Theological Seminary, [1990]. 74 pp. (Popularization and updating of the more complete History of Wartburg: 1854-1979.)

Dissertations, Theses, Degree Projects, and Unpublished Academic Papers

Barnhart, Melody Ruth. Heresy Vs. Orthodoxy: The Preus/Tietjen Controversy. University of North Texas, M.S., 1991, 192 pp. University Microfilm Order Number [UMON]: ADG13-45537.

Beatty, Paul Barrier, Jr. Forming a New Vision for the Future through a Study of the History of St. Luke's Lutheran Church, Monroe, North Carolina. Drew University, 1990. 147 pp. DAI 1991 51(7): 2416-A. DA9100004.

Cherland, Carl Marcus. Current Choral Music Practices of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. Arizona State University, D.M.A., 1991, 953 pp. UMON: ADG91-24795. 9110.

Clark, Jerry Dean. The Association Between Bible Literacy and Religiosity. University of North Texas, Ph.D., 1991, 104 pp. UMON: ADG92-01504. 9202.

Cobb, John Moser. German Lutherans in the Prairie Provinces Before the First World War: Their Church Background, Emigration and New Beginning in Canada (Pre-World War I). The University of Manitoba, Ph.D., 1991.

Deppe, David Edward. An Examination of Consensus of Bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and Counselors Employed by Lutheran Social Service Agencies Regarding the Social Statements on Homosexuality of the Lutheran Church and the Counseling of Gay and Lesbian Clients. St. Louis University, Ph.D., 1991. 219 pp. UMON: ADG92- 15936.9207.

Freeouf, Peter Frank. Religion and Dialect: Catholic and Lutheran Dialects in the German of Dubois County, Indiana. Indiana University, 1990. 380 pp. DAI 1990 51(5): 1595-A. DA9030414.

Gude, George J. The Home Mission Work of the Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference: A Description and Evaluation (Lutheran Church). Concordia Seminary, Th.D., 1991.

Gustafson, David Arthur. The Americanization of the Lutheran Church: The Mid-Nineteenth Century Controversy between Confessional Lutherans and Proponents of an Americanized Lutheranism. Union Inst., 1990. 283 pp. DAI 1991 51(7): 2417-A. DA9033586

Hadden, Thomas Edward. A Survey of the Degree and Type of ParentalInvolvement in the Education of their Children in Lutheran Parochial Schools. Pepperdine University, Ed.D., 1991, 150 pp. UMON: ADG91-31450. 9111.

Hurley, John J. The Influence of Religion on the West German ChristianDemocratic Parties: `Friedenspolitik' and the Decision to Support Nuclear Deployment. The Catholic University of America, Ph.D., 1991, 880 pp. UMON: ADG91-21103. 9109.

Koppel, David Paul. Christian Ethics for Lay Ministry in the Workplace. (About Trinity Lutheran Church). Hartford Seminary, D. Min., 1991, 116 pp. UMON: ADG91-31772. 9111.

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Kuntz, Mark A. Patterns of Prescribed Medication Use Among the Elderly of the Lutheran Church in the Missouri Synod. California State University, Long Beach, M.S.W., 1991, 90 pp. UMON: ADG13-44429. 9112.

Leins, Curtis Edward. Lutherans and Catholics: First World Impasse, Third World Community. Temple University, Ph.D., 1991, 335 pp. UMON: ADG91- 34968. 9201

Luthy, Frederick Scott. Lutheran Church Growth: A Study Guide for New Members. Fuller Theological Seminary, D.Min., 1991, 219 pp. UMON: ADG91- 35878. 9201.

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Williamson, Erik Luther. Norwegian Short-Term Parochial School (Religions- skole) in North Dakota Lutheran Congregations, 1880s-1930s, The University of North Dakota, D.A., 1991, 96 pp. UMON: ADG91-31495. 9111.

Wittkamper, Michael. Lutheran Spiritual Direction. Luther NorthwesternTheological Seminary, D.Min., 1991.

Wordelman, Peter Dale. Daniel Moe's Choral Works with Brass Accompaniment. The University of Arizona, D.M.A., 1991, 76 pp. UMOM: ADG91-25453. 9110.

Booklets and Other Media

"Celebrating Your Congregation's Anniversary". Appleton, WI: AAL, 1991. 21 pages.

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