Lutheran Historical Conference


Writings in the Field of American Lutheranism: 1992

Compiled by Dr. James Albers, Mr. John N. Dickmeyer and Rev. Robert E. Smith

We are pleased to present to you the latest installment of our annual bibliography. The citations included focus on works published in 1992. As in previous years, we have called to your attention items which were published in prior years, but escaped our notice in their year of publication. Our work benefitted from an increased availability of computerized resources. We hope to continue this trend, providing as comprehensive an accounting of the work being done in our subject field.

Thanks again to everyone who made this year's installment possible by your contributions, patience and general helpfulness. This work would be considerably less useful without your help.


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Booklets and Other Media

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Items Examined

  • American Historical Review
  • Church History
  • Concordia Journal
  • Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly
  • Concordia Student Journal
  • Concordia Theological Quarterly
  • Cresset
  • Consensus: A Canadian Lutheran Journal of Theology
  • Currents in Theology and Mission
  • Dialog
  • Faith and Fellowship
  • JEDP: Journal of English District Pastors
  • Journal of the New England Lutheran Historical Society
  • Logia: A Journal of Lutheran Theology
  • The Lutheran
  • Lutheran Education
  • Lutheran Forum
  • Lutheran Quarterly
  • Lutheran Synod Quarterly
  • Lutheran Theological Review
  • Lutheran Theological Seminary Bulletin (Gettysburg)
  • Trinity Seminary Review
  • Northwestern Lutheran
  • Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly
  • WELS Historical Institute Journal
  • Word and World

1992 Items not available at Concordia Theological Seminary/Ft. Wayne

  • Concordia Journal (October 1992)
  • Faith-Life
  • For the Record: The Newsletter of the Canadian Lutheran Historical Association
  • Lutheran Forum (No. 1)
  • Lutheran Partners
  • Lutheran Quarterly (No. 4)
  • Lutheran Synod Quarterly (No. 2)

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