Lutheran Historical Conference


Writings in the Field of American Lutheranism: 1993

Compiled by Dr. James Albers, Mr. John N. Dickmeyer and Rev. Robert E. Smith

This year's bibliography is more of an ensemble work than the work of previous years. In addition to the work of Dr. James Albers, Rev. Rnbert E. Smith and John N. Dickmeyer, substantial contributions were made by Rev. Richard Wohlers of the Concordia University--Wisconsin Library and Michael Wallace, Graduate Reference Assistant at the Concordia Theological Seminary Library. Rev. Wohlers searched the OCLC database, yielding items that we missed in earlier issues and a few new pieces we would not have located this year by other means. Mr. Wallace assisted Rev. Smith with the gathering of periodical entries and checking newly discovered items from years past against our bibliography.

We thank these friends of American Lutheran history for their contributions to this year's offering.


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Dissertations, Theses, Degree Projects and Unpublished Academic Papers

Adler, Barbara Jean. "'They Are Us': Identification Strategies in the Rhetoric of Two Lutheran Church Organizations. Wayne State University, Ph.D., 1993, 207 pp. University Microfilm Order Number [UMON]: ADG93-21755. 9309. 

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Books and Monographs

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Booklets and Other Media

Bickel, A. M. The Emigrant: Emigrants From the Lueneburger Heide. Napoleon, OH: A. M. Bickel. 1987. 

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Stuckwisch, Richard. Johannes Konrad Wilhelm Loehe: Portrait of a Confessional 

Lutheran Missiologist. Ft. Wayne: Repristination Press, 1993. 35 pp. 

_______. The Liturgical Theology of Johannes Konrad Wilhelm Loehe: Confessional Lutheran Liturgiologist. Ft. Wayne: Concordia Theological Seminary Press, 1993. 41 pp. 

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