Lutheran Historical Conference


Writings in the Field of American Lutheranism: 1997

Compiled by Dr. James W. Albers, Mr. John N. Dickmeyer and Rev. Robert E. Smith


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Dissertations, Theses, Degree Projects & Unpublished Academic Papers

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Gilbert, Jackson George, Jr. "Developing a Lay Ministry of Mentoring/Tutoring between Local Congregation and the Public School System: A Model for Ministry." D.Min., Drew University, 1997. 39 pp. [One of the two schools involved included Redeemer Lutheran Church, Charlotte, NC.]

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Ziedonis, Ruth Sonia. "A Pastoral Approach for the Journey of Healing and Wholeness through Sharing One's Latvian Grief Story," D.Min. Thesis, School of Theology at Claremont, 1997. 231 pp.

Videos and Other Media

Faith to Faith, The Story of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod in Perry County, Missouri. [Videorecording] Frohna, Missouri: Saxon Heritage Inc., 1997.

Into the World...To the End of the Age. [Videorecording]. (Concordia Publishing House, 1997). 2 Cassettes

Marty, Martin. Ten Years Together. [Videorecording]. Chicago : Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, 1997. [Reflections on the ten year anniversary of the ELCA]. 1 Cassette.

Almen, Lowell G. Remembering When. [Videorecording] Chicago : Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, 1997. [Scenes from the history of Lutheranism in America]. 1 Cassette.

Journals Reviewed

  • Canadian Lutheran
  • Church History
  • Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly
  • Concordia Journal
  • Concordia Student Journal
  • Concordia Theological Quarterly
  • Cresset
  • Currents in Theology and Mission
  • Dialog
  • Faith and Fellowship
  • Faith-Life
  • First Things
  • JEDP: Journal of English District Pastors
  • Journal of the New England Lutheran Historical Society
  • Logia
  • Lutheran Ambassador
  • Lutheran Forum
  • Lutheran Quarterly
  • Lutheran Synod Quarterly
  • Lutheran Theological Seminary Bulletin (Gettysburg)
  • Lutheran Witness
  • Missio Apostolica
  • Northwestern Lutheran
  • Trinity Seminary Review
  • WELS Historical Institute Journal
  • Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly
  • Word and World

Not Available

  • Consensus: A Canadian Lutheran Journal of Theology
  • For the Record: The Newsletter of the Canadian Lutheran Historical Association
  • Lutheran Partners

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