Lutheran Historical Conference


Writings in the Field of American Lutheranism: 2001

Compiled by Dr. James W. Albers, Mr. John N. Dickmeyer and Rev. Robert E. Smith

This is the latest installment of the bibliography of items related to the history of Lutheranism in America. It covers items published in the calendar year 2001. (Note: Items from prior years that were missed in previous indexes have been added to those indexes in this online version.) Previous year’s bibliographies are also available online. Click here for the main bibliography page.

As in previous years, we appeal to readers for help in compiling next year’s index. Although the tools of modern library research are excellent, they are not nor are they likely to become exhaustive. Please send us citations of your own work as well as those of your colleagues. We are especially interested in local, private and unindexed theses and dissertations. Send relevant citations to:

The Rev. Robert E. Smith
Concordia Theological Seminary
6600 N. Clinton St.
Fort Wayne, IN 46825
FAX: 219-452-2126

Journals Reviewed

Not Available in the Concordia Theological Seminary Library at the Time of Indexing

  • Consensus: A Canadian Lutheran Journal of Theology
  • For the Record: The Newsletter of the Canadian Lutheran Historical Association
  • Journal of the New England Lutheran Historical Society
  • Lutheran Ambassador
  • Lutheran Partners
  • Lutheran Synod Quarterly

Books and Monographs

Abbington, James. Readings in African American Church Music and Worship. Chicago, Illinois: GIA Publications, Inc., 2001. xi, 594 pp. [Includes “Worship and Culture: An African American Lutheran Perspective,” Joseph A. Donella, II, John Nunes and Karen M. Ward] ISBN: 1579991637. ML2911.9.

Baepler, Richard. Flame of Faith, Lamp of Learning: A History of Valparaiso University. St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 2001. 447 pp. ISBN: 0758601085. LD 5565.V42.

Bloomquist, Winifred Halcrow. Skjeberg, A People, a Church: 1883-1993. Drayton, North Dakota: Skjeberg Book Committee, Friesens Corp., History Book Division, 2001. vi, 328 pp. ISBN: 155056871X.

Braun, William H., Eggert, Kurt John, Prange, Victor H. Not unto Us: A Celebration of the Ministry of Kurt J. Eggert. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Northwestern Publishing House, 2001. 266 pp. ISBN: 0810013282. ML3168.

Deeben, John Paul. Parish Records of the Eden Evangelical Lutheran Church at Plum Creek, Upper Augusta (now Rockefeller) Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, 1847-1960. Apollo, Pennsylvania: Closson Press, 2001. 57 pp. ISBN: 1558563601. F157.N8.

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