Lutheran Historical Conference



The Lutheran Historical Conference from time to time publishes monographs on the history of Lutheranism in North America. The following title are currently available:

  • Robert C. Wiederaenders, ed. Historical Guide to Lutheran Church Bodies of North America. Publication No. 1. Second edition, St. Louis, 1998, x, 209 pp. ($20.00 plus S & H).
  • Dorris Flesner. American Lutherans Help Shape the World Council of Churches. Publication No. 2. St. Louis, 1981, 330 pp. ($10.00 plus S & H).
  • Norman J. Threinen. Fifty Years of Lutheran Convergence: The Canadian Case-Study. Publication No. 3. St. Louis, 1983, 308 pp. ($10.00 plus S & H).
  • Carl F. Vogel. A Chronicle of the Woodville Normal and Academy. Ed. Paul G. Fuchs. Publication No. 4. St. Louis, 1995. ($10.00 plus S & H).
  • Letters of Paul Henkel. Ed Richard H. Baur. Publication No. 5. Saint Louis, 2003. ($12.00 plus S & H)

Copies of these publication may be ordered from:

Concordia Historical Institute
804 Seminary Place
St. Louis, MO 63105-3014

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