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Vol. 38, No. 3...August 2000...ISSN 0460-0274

New Resource

The story of the sinking of the ZamZam, a ship carrying American missionaries to Africa in 1941, is a well-known event in the history of the Augustana Lutheran Church. A book about the incident was written shortly afterwards, but a new book, Miracle at Sea: The Sinking of the ZamZam and Our Family's Rescue, is, as it sounds, a personal account of one family among the 140 missionaries who were all eventually rescued. Those from the Augustana Church later returned to their mission work in Tanzania. The Augustana missionaries included Mrs. Lillian Danielson and her children, and it is one of them, Eleanor Anderson, who has written this account. The Germans took over the ship, all passengers were taken prisoner, and the ship was then sunk. Originally the news was that the missionaries did not survive the attack, but miraculously they were all spared. The book is available for $12, plus $2.50 (add 5.1% sales tax if purchased in Missouri) from Quiet Waters Publications, P.O. Box 34, Bolivar, MO 65613-0034; 417-326-5001; qwp@usa.net.

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